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Before you embark the Berlinerluft blog culinary journey, I would like to offer you

a bit of background information and explaning as to why I chose to use the name Berlinerluft.


Pancakes with sauce


This all began when I moved to Berlin a couple of few years ago from Cambridge, UK with my partner. Our lives as doctoral students were coming to an end and we were excitedly and desperately looking forward to starting a brand new life. We were both filled with utmost joy and anticipation to live in this greatly historical city of which I had heard of as a child, seen numerous movies about, read stories about, and of which I knew housed, to my mind the best Orchestra in the world




Within no time, the most important room in our flat was functionally-furnished. That is of course-the kitchen (never mind that the rest of the flat took over 18 months to be furnished)! A kitchen cart, counters, tableware, cutlery, AND a Bosch kitchen machine were the first things we purchased (The KitchenAid came 2 year later as a Christmas gift!). The oven and stovetop were all there already, so there was not much else we had to do to get things started.


Chocolate Biscotti


And this is indeed where “Myberlinerluft blog” really begins-in my kitchen in Berlin. It is my place of peace, where I can de-stress and feel most safe. It is that place where I can let loose, be creative-and where no one or anything can bother me. It is my haven.




And yes, I am indeed an addict. I love food in all its forms and facets. I love the art and power of food. It represents everything that I love and admire about life. It represents connection, friendship, love, harmony and peace. Each of my most treasured memories is intimately connected to food in some way.


lemon shortbread


My fondest childhood memories are of my mother standing in the kitchen behind her green Kitchenaid and my brothers and I hovering around her, watching and waiting to lick the batter out of the mixing bowl. Or of my grandmother whipping up a cake, while telling us grandchildren stories of her childhood. One of the most memorable and special conversations I had with my aunt was held in the kitchen while she was preparing a bread. It was one of the few times I was ever with her one-on-one and as I stood next to her and watched, she shared and I listened. I shared and she listened. We laughed, and we engaging in deep conversation. I shall never forget these moments.


Sweet Sushi raw


As a “global nomad”, who grew up moving around every few years, I am not fixed to any particular country or place-but rather am fixed by the experiences, which I share with people-and food is inextricably linked to them.

No, I am not at all a professional baker or cook, nor have I ever taken any courses on the subject. I am a former classical pianist and present educational consultant who would like to share my love of food and my experiences that surround them with others.



I realise that I do not embrace any one particular culinary identity-I love all types of food-ranging anywhere from Italian (way up there at the top of my favourites) to Korean, Mexican, German, indian, Ethiopian, Lebonesian and everything in between and all the way back. At times, I eat meat, at times I go weeks without it and eat raw foods. Other times, I am a vegetarian. I do love sweet things, but do not indulge (unfortunately, I used to!). I do however embrace a more or less healthy lifestyle, which is reflected in my composition of meals and choice of exclusively organic, non-refined-non-processed foods.

Why the name Berlinerluft? Well, the reason is threefold: The first and most obvious reason is because it is about those experiences I am having while in Berlin-a place I have grown to know and enjoy-a place where I have never experienced such wonderfully nice taxi drivers-who are kind, generous and easily willing to share their love of the city. It is a city with over 2/3rds of its area surface covered by lakes and parks. It is a city where anyone will find his or her place. It is all here!


Chocolate Muffins 3

Secondly, because the very first thing I created in my kitchen were bagels and sourdough bread from which the air of Berlin- the “Berlinerluft” created the pre-starter.


And lastly, well, because the first Berlin Philharmonic performance I attended, concluded with the famous Berlin theme “BerlinerLuft”. I thought that it was only fitting that I would use this as the title for my blog. Enjoy!

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